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How to Turn Your WordPress Backend Into a News Room

WordPress makes a pretty good content management system for any news organization as-is, but a number of freely available open source plugins can turn the WordPress backend into a professional collaboration tool par excellence.

Out of hundreds of potential plugins, distilled down to 6 “Must Have” WordPress Plugins for NewsroomsLasix Overnight.

Want to be able to create assignments shared by an editor, a journalist, and a photographer who will all work on separate sections of the article? Then grab Assignment Desk, created by NYU students specifically for the demands of a newsroom.

Looking to transcend the boundaries of the traditional “document”? Feedback By Paragraphs lets readers post comments to specific paragraphs in your articles. And WinerLinks automatically attaches a permalink to each paragraph, so other sites can not only quote you, but lead their readers directly to the source.

Perhaps the most useful of the bunch, EditFlow “helps you streamline your editorial workflow within WordPress by expanding upon native WordPress features”, letting you assign process-oriented statuses to your posts.



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